5 of the Best Online Educational Games for Kids

5 of the Best Online Educational Games for Kids

Online education games are essential in ensuring that kids learn from these beneficial tools while having fun. Naturally, these games provide early childhood education while providing life skills that the children can use in their everyday life. By using such games, your child is learning skills that they need to manage success in their school endeavors. The games range from puzzles, to chess, to mathematical skills that ensure that your kid’s mental acuity is enhanced.


These games are categorized based on the age of your child. There are games for toddlers that provide your children with their formative experience in scholastic endeavors. The educational games ensure that your child develops the confidence that is required in solving educational huddles they may come across once they have joined school. The main agenda when playing the game is that your child gets to learn these skills while having fun.

As your child progresses in age, these games get more complex based on the grade that your child currently is. In addition, the games are created in such a way as to be in line with the curriculum that your child follows. The following are 5 essential websites that provide online educational games for your kids.

Stop the clock

Your child’s accuracy and speed are measured in this game as he or she is required to stop the clock at the time that is mentioned. Your kid is given a five-minute window to get the correct answer and must repeat the exercise if the correct answer is not provided within the stipulated time. The game helps your child tell time easily.

Fish bowl addition

In this game, your child gets to add up the fish that are presented on the screen. The characters in the game are Cuz-Cuz and Birdiee. Once your child has totaled up the fish that the two characters have won, they win the game. By so doing, they get to improve their math skills insofar as counting is concerned.  Here is how the game works.

Alphabet hopper

By using this game, your kid is acquainted to the alphabet a lot faster. The main aim of the game is to identify upper case letters. The letters L, M, N, as well as R are used in the game. Your child will manage to tell the difference between lower case and upper case after playing this game.

Clock match

This game enables your child to tell time using analog clocks. This is an essential skill when your child is in second grade. Your child needs to match the digital clock and the analog clock to win in the game. The clocks must show similar time. The interactive game ensures that kids know how to tell time regardless of the clock they use. They must match the analog clock to the digital clock by five minutes.

Sight words hopper

This game is essential insofar as your child’s spelling skills are concerned. They get to connect the sound of words to the spelling provided. Phonics is another skill learned when your children play this game. There are some words such as “knife “that are pronounced different to the spelling. Cuz-Cuz is the main character in the game and you have to make him hop to the correct puddle in the mud. Your kid needs to click on the right word after listening to the cue. After playing this game, your child will learn spelling words that do not correspond to their phonics.

The list contains five of the educational online games that can help your child learn as they have fun. They get to enjoy the games, as they are colorful, interactive, and engaging to your child. Use these games to ensure your child is a stellar learner who has mastered skills in different subjects using these games. You can use this site to get these games.

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